Would you rather be free with no handouts or controlled with free handouts??

Stand up on the right side,FOR what's right!

-Author Unknown-

As much as I would like to get into a debate with certain people on this topic,

I will bite my tongue for the sake of arguement.

But, I will say this though, God created this world and he alone can take it out!

We need him in order to exist and without him.......we are nothing.

We need a world that is based on hardworking people,who excercise their rights, 

and raising your hand out for anything free is not considered excercise or work!

What is this world coming too when people who are actually trying to do something with

themselves are met only by the slamming of doors in their faces when it comes to finding an

actual job?? People who want to work for what they have are having a hard time getting by

and making ends meet while the lazy generation are living so very freely!

They can get anything they please yet for some reason it is just never enough.

The nation is crumbling because of these people,with their hands out,and it's time that the

American people took a stand and make what is wrong, right!

We cannot change the history of our nation but we can make a better future for us all.

We need to stop being so greedy and taking advantage of all that we have because we

could wake up tomorrow and it could all be gone! Who will you hold your hand out to then??

Hard work has never been a bad thing and I honestly believe it never will be.

You can only rely on the handouts for so long.Eventually,there will be nothing left to give.

And, when that time comes, most people would have relied on the freebies for so long that

they won't know where to begin to start over! Get off your butts America and look out past

what is beyond your noses! This nation isn't what it use to be and it will continue to get worse

until we start taking the proper actions needed to keep our foundation strong.

Our founding father's would be turning in their graves right now,if they're not already,

if they could stand on the highest hill right now and see what this world has become!

I am not perfect,nor do I really want to be,but I do know what is right and wrong and when

to say enough is enough. I know that for some, getting out there on your own is scary.

But, how else would you learn about how far you can actually soar if you don't at least take a

leap and try to fly???? At least if you do fail, you can go out saying, "I tried and I did my best

and that's all I needed to do." We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone on the face of this

earth. The only one we should be worried about is the person we see in the mirror everyday

and the good lord above. Let's all come together now, in these harsh times, and pray

that our leader will lead will lead us, not how he wants too, but how God thinks it should

be ran. I will end this now, but with a quote for my fellow Americans: "If we ever forget that

we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, then we will be a NATION GONE UNDER." -Ronald Reagan-

                                                             God Bless You All,


Amber Lovett

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