Yoko Ono's Makeup Tips for Guys

Opening Ceremony

Yoko Ono continues to prove to the world that she's pretty talentless and that had it not been for her deceased husband John Lennon, she'd be an absolute nobody in the creative world, much less influential with any of her endeavors whatsoever.  But yeah, guys, go ahead and get some makeup tips from her, I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of this esoteric garbage.


We thought makeup tutorials hadn't changed all that much since the 1940s, mostly illuminating proper ways to dramatize your cheekbones and elongate your lashes.

Enter Yoko Ono, whose present-day advice consists of "Take Rainbow Pills -- But with caution."

Our favorite avant-garde cosmetician released this deliciously weird makeup tutorial with Opening Ceremony, entitled "Yoko Ono's Make-up Tips For Men." The video, which we saw on DesignTaxi, describes how to put on makeup at different times of the day, providing trippy tips that may even outdo Yoko and Opening Ceremony's previous menswear collaboration in strangeness. Read More


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