Your eyes need protection from UV rays throughout the year, even in winters

Most people believe that Sunglasses are meant to be worn mainly and only during summers. Of course, summer with its harsh and scorching sun makes wearing sunglasses important but it is not the only time when eyes need protection from UV rays and harsh glares. They need protection throughout the year, be it winters or summer.

Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays may not seem as potent in winters as they do in summers, but the fact is they are. In fact, they are often more intense during winter months. Every second of the day, UV rays are filtered through earth’s protective atmosphere and arrives as heat and sunlight. Thanks to the filtration, some of the most dangerous rays, called UVC never reach us. But those that do, called UVA and UVB also cause great harm to human skin and eyes. Since most of our body remains covered  during winters, it’s the eyes that stay exposed and hence require additional protection

Lack of protection from the sun leads to exposure to UV rays that can cause damage of cornea, lens and retina. UV exposure also contributes to certain types of cataract. But we can protect our eyes by wearing 100% UV protected Sunglasses throughout the year, those with power can opt for prescription sunglasses or UV protected prescription lenses in their spectacles.

Apart from UV rays, there are many other important reasons for wearing Sunglasses in Winters. Here are they:

1) Cold Winter winds

Cold winds cause dryness of eyes and the particles these winds carry can irritate eyes. Sunglasses here act as a ‘wind block’, protecting eyes from drying and keeping them moist by reducing evaporation of tears. For contact lense wearers, sunglasses can be vital tool for clear vision and comfort.

2)Winter Glares

All surface reflect light but during winters, snow or ice intensifies these reflections. They reflect nearly 85% of the sun’s rays, causing disturbance in clear vision thereby leading to hazardous situation, especially when driving. It is advised to wear Polarized sunglasses while driving or riding. 

3) Changing light condition

Another reason is changing conditions of light in winters, someday there is bright sun, someday its hazy and other days there’s an ever-changing mix of both. Human eyes require a specific amount of light to achieve good vision. Too much light or too little light will hinder clear vision. Sunglasses here help in balancing the amount of light that reach eyes and thereby provide clear vision and comfort to the eyes in winters.

4) Snow Blindness

UV rays can actually cause sunburned eyes, commonly called as Snow blindness. Skiers and snowmobilers are particularly susceptible to snow blindness. However, they can protect their eyes by wearing good quality sunglasses.

These are the main reasons why everyone including kids should wear sunglasses in winters. Get yourself and your kids a new pair of shades online and enjoy the sunny winters.


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