Youtube Celebs gather in Orlando for Playlist LIve convention

Famous faces from Youtube

Playlist LIVE

Youtube Celebrities are a relatively new thing in human history.  It's astonishing how these self-made celebs have risen out of obscurity and become household names like Jenna Marbles, Toby Turner, Laina(Overly Attached Girlfriend), and more.  

These stars are coming together to spend their weekend at a conference center in Orlando.  The purpose of the conference is to discuss issues like Youtube taking over traditional television market share, how Youtubers can make money, how Youtubers can improve quality, and even how Youtubers can make whole feature length films, rather than just short 5-10 minute videos.

The conference is sure to be a blast for anyone who can make it.  Sadly, it is completely sold out.  I'm sure that we can all get our fix for watching these celebs in action later one, on youtube. 


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