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Megan Fox Strips Down to Lingerie for Sharper Image

May. 4th, 2012 | Comments 6 | Make a Comment   
Photos Courtesy of Sharper Image
We didn't quite see this collaboration coming between Megan Fox and Sharper Image, but we're not exactly complaining either. The gadget gurus have enlisted the help of the stunningly beautiful actress to presumably get the attention of men everywhere, and something tells us it's working. The ad shows Megan relaxing in bed with a white button-up shirt and some sexy black lingerie while clicking through her high-tech tablet. We can just see it now: confused men finding themselves on SharperImage.com adding air purifiers and motorized tie racks to their shopping carts but not exactly knowing why. You can thank Megan later.

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6 Comments on this Article

Charles commented on January 11, 2013

I'd smell her feet in a heart beet! LOL Then I'd happily wash them for her and apply lotion...

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Jack Pod commented on January 2, 2013

That's one neat looking chick.

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rdk36532 commented on December 21, 2012

The stockings look pretty sharp.

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Sarah David commented on December 19, 2012

I've been told she has very smelly feet. Have tried all sorts of things to help but it is a real bad case. That's probably why the photographer was so far away from her when he took the picture. Maybe even used a zoom lens to stay further away!

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Daniel Stillmunks commented on December 18, 2012

Where are the photo(s) of Megan Fox??

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bruce commented on December 17, 2012


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