Oct. 10th, 2012

"Inside Chanel" Provides Unique Insight to Label's History

Chanel Sketch
Photo Courtesy of Chanel
Arguably some of the most intriguing aspects of luxury fashion house Chanel is the history behind the brand, which those of us born in the post-CoCo era did not get to experience first-hand. The LBD, the string of pearls, and the classic combination of black and white were already iconic staples in the high fashion world? thanks to the fashion icon? long before many of us stepped into our first pair of kitten heels. Finally, we get an intimate peek into the history behind Chanel with the release of the brand's new website "Inside CHANEL." The new page features a series of original short films? one of which we've included blow? that recount the events and figures who helped influence and shape Chanel from the very beginning to make it into what it is today.

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