Surprise Celeb Babies: From Lauren Silverman & Simon Cowell to Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

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With all the baby bumps this season, it comes as no surprise that we might have another celeb daddy-to-be. New York socialite Lauren Silverman announced her pregnancy earlier this week stating X-Factor judge and TV personality Simon Cowell is the father. While Silverman is currently going through a divorce with Cowell’s close friend Andrew Silverman, she’s more than excited about the baby, and is hoping for a girl. Although avoiding press inquiries as to whether these rumors are true, Cowell was reportedly shocked by the news of possibly expecting his first child, but we’re hoping he’ll be a great daddy just the same. While celebrity baby news is always fun, there were more than a few times we’ve been surprised by the announcement.

When long time couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka said they wanted children of their own, we were not the least bit surprised. Until they announced on Twitter they were expecting twins. Now they’re great dads to fraternal twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.
After Ashlee Simpson announced her pregnancy (and her engagement, ahem) we were all a little shocked Jessica’s lip-syncing, baby sister was having Pete Wentz’s child. But even after their split in 2011 we’re still agreed Bronx is the cutest rock ‘n’ roll baby we’ve seen.
When Sandra Bullock announced she was adopting shortly after her split with husband Jessie James, many thought it was quite the post-break-up move. Three years after adopting her son Louis she says she would love to have more, but is reportedly leaving it up to her son to decide if he wants siblings or not.
While Beyonce and Jay Z have been married since 2008, the way Beyonce announced her pregnancy just proved she’s a superstar. While performing at the Video Music Awards in 2011 she unbuttoned her glitter jacket to reveal her baby bump.
We pretty much knew it was coming; Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement had the whole world giddy and waiting with bated breath for over 9 months. Now that Prince George is finally here we can all swoon over the little royal.

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