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Dom Perignon's Spring Feast

Posted: Jun. 9th, 2009  |  By Bernadette Morra
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Food & Spirits: The new Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences in Toronto is little more than a crater as wide as a city block. But as construction crews hustle to erect the gleaming structure, the team at the current Four Seasons a few blocks away is already preparing for the move into grander premises.

Occupancy isn't slated until 2011, but with suites like the $30 million penthouse on the 55th floor, Four Seasons staff is striving to ensure perfection for residents and hotel guests alike.

Executive Chef Claudio Rossi has been brought in from Asia, where he has spent the last 17 years as Executive Chef at The Regent Singapore (a Four Seasons Hotel) and at the award-winning Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand.

To introduce Rossi to a select group of Toronto food and wine lovers, the Four Seasons teamed with Dom Perignon for an intimate private dinner. The hotel's Regional VP and GM Dimitrios Zarikos and Dom Perignon oenologist Vincent Chaperon welcomed guests with a springtime menu. Pacific Halibut with fava beans and shoots and fennel pollen beurre blanc was accompanied by Dom Perignon 2000. Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1992 was paired with the main course of veal tenderloin with morels, wild leek and potato puree. Dom Perignon Rose 1998 was served with the cheese, and as a finale Dom Perignon Rose 1996 arrived with Strawberry Fior di Latte Gelato and Dom Perginon Gelee.

It was just the sort of dinner that would go down well in the $30 million penthouse which, by the way, comes with a wine cellar which can house 800 bottles.

Bernadette Morra
JustLuxe contributor
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