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Luxury Salt: Didi Davis Foods

Posted: Sep. 8th, 2009  |  By Victor and Mary
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Luxury Salt: Think of Didi Davis Foods as a stylist, but instead of updating your closet, your pantry is getting a makeover. That's right my friends, white table salt is so last year and it's time for your condiments to go luxury, starting with pepper's classic partner.

Just imagine the looks of envy, when you adorn your chicken, pork or even watermelon slices with vanilla salt made with premium bourbon vanilla. Give your soups a kick this fall with porcini salt, infused with the nutty and robust mushroom, and accessorize your tomato and mozzarella salads with cypress black sea salt flakes.

Founded by Didi Davis, award-winning chef, cookbook writer and cooking teacher Didi Davis Foods, based out of Ipswich, MA, is a small batch production of artisanal goods made from the finest ingredients. Davis uses Portuguese Flor de Sal as the base to her designer salt blends and infuses them with fresh hand-harvested herbs and spices.

Of course in order to compliment the savory you've got to have a little sweet and what better way to do so than with one or all of the sugar blends. Made from Hawaiian cane sugar, like mojito sugar with fresh lime and mint or espresso sugar combined with fair trade coffee and spices update baked goods, fruit and cocktails. You can even share your new look with friends, as Didi Davis Foods offers gift baskets, wedding gifts and favors.

Purchases of Didi Davis Food products can be made via the web on dididavisfood.com and through sister site, salttraders.com offering rare and artisan gourmet salts from around the globe.

Mary Allen
Owner, Yoga Life
JustLuxe Contributor
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