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Nespresso Espresso Maker, CitiZ, Encapsulates Good Taste

Posted: Sep. 22nd, 2009  |  By Lena Katz
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Luxury Appliances: It's quick, easy, precise and comes in many glossy colors and interesting shapes. It's technically a kitchen appliance, but aesthetically nowhere near that mundane. It's the Nespresso capsule coffeemaker, and it's brought the daily pleasure of fresh espresso without prep time to many an office kitchen, hotel room, and sophisticate's home. Nespresso's new CitiZ line is a mod, urban take on the sleek capsule machine...it comes in four colors and three "platforms" (one for pure espressos, one for cappuccinos, and a third with space for both). Lift the lid, pop in the capsule, click it closed, pour the water and hit the start button...five minutes later, you have a steaming espresso ready to sip. Or perhaps a cappuccino, a latte or some other steamed milk confection: of 16 "Nespresso Grand Cru" coffee capsule varieties, three are designated "Lungo," which means they're specifically for larger drinks with steamed milk. There are also three decaf blends.

Though coffee purists tend to shun what they call "pod" coffeemakers, claiming the capsules limit coffee bean choices while the 1-2-3 operation detracts from the espresso ritual, Nespresso definitely has a niche within the urban live/work loft/gallery contingent...as well as any business place required to regularly host affluent clientele. For that first hospitable gesture, a fresh-made Italian espresso drink is so much more elegant than a cup of drip coffee with non-dairy creamer. Especially when you can offer a choice of Roma or Arpeggio espresso blend, Dulsao do Brasil "Pure Origin" espresso, or a Vivalto Lungo cappuccino...creamy and rich, perfectly poured, and no fingers were burned in the making.

By Lena Katz
JustLuxe Contributor
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