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Casa Noble Tequila Sets New Standard

Posted: Feb. 3rd, 2010  |  By Mark Alyn
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Food & Spirits: Unlike many of today’s luxury spirits, Casa Noble Tequila can trace its roots back to the mid 1700s, as a hacienda in a region of Mexico surrounded by blue agave, the source of tequila.

Not a passing trend, Casa Noble Tequila is certified organic and is made of 100 percent Blue Agave. Using traditional methods, Casa Noble boasts a rich heritage in the agave region. To create the tequila, the house slow-cooks rich agave pinas for 38 hours in stone ovens before extracting the nectar, which is then triple-distilled, while most tequilas are distilled only twice.

The ultra premium tequila brand offers several varieties in their two lines. The main line includes the award-winning Casa Noble Crystal, a superior silver tequila in a hand blown glass decanter with a pewter engraved label and top; Casa Noble Reposado, in a hand-blown cobalt bottle is aged for one year in French White Oak barrels and a favorite of high-end bartenders; Casa Noble A?ejo is a limited production that is ranked amongst the world’s top spirits and is contained in an artisan purple decanter.

Casa Noble’s other line is their single barrel production, surpassing the "reserves" and "limited edition" tequilas of other brands and elevating tequila to the standing of the finest single barrel whiskies in the world. This exclusive line features Casa Noble Tequila Single Barrel Reposado and Casa Noble Tequila Single Barrel A?ejo.

Each special Casa Noble blend is made with more than 200 years of experience in creating the finest possible tequila.

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mary Posted Feb 16, 2010
As tequila becomes one of the fasting growing top-shelf liquors, the opportunities in the agribusiness sector surrounding the source plant, the agave cactus, become more and more wide spread. http://www.alternativelatininvestor.com/10/agribusiness/agave-&-tequila.html
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