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Buckle Up Richly with Greg Jensen Originals

Posted: Apr. 23rd, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Accessories: All that glitters is not gold. It also happens to be silver, and it is just as snazzy, glitzy, and classy. Western belt buckles are the house specialty of Greg Jensen Originals. There are smooth silver and engraved silver buckles as well as 14k gold and 14k gold overlay (engraved) buckles. An entire belt-buckle is a four-part ensemble with a buckle, a tip, and two loops. Each piece of the four parts is priced separately and as a whole set.

Out of the 15 smooth silver buckles, the Convertible and the Olympia originally were my favorites. But, after looking at all 15 several more times, I was unable to whittle it down to just two or three favorites. Every one looks great! I encountered the same dilemma when checking out the other models too. There are no clunkers or fillers to be found in this line. All are finely crafted and put forth an undeniable aura of unyielding individuality and sophisticated ruggedness. Aside from the 52 styles presented online, belt buckles also can be custom made upon request.

Greg Jensen Originals also can provide an attractive strip of fine leather to complement the buckles. Alligator skin in black or brown and calfskin in black or medium brown are on hand. Most orders are shipped in one to three days.

GJO has jewelry, cufflinks, and money clips too. Cold hard cash appears more refined when it is held in a Star, a Gold Star, or a Lone Star money clip. Initials can be engraved in any of the money clips.

Pony up and have a look-see at the masterful silver and gold offerings of Greg Jensen Originals.

For LxM James Rothaar

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