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Posted: Dec. 11th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Fashion: So 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20. Ladies in their 20s, well, you probably don't mind looking your age. But wanting to look youthful should not overshadow taste. While you may look no more than 32 when you're 40+, some fads are best left to teenagers. The key is choosing the right trends to compliment your best features, no matter what birth date is listed on your driver's license.

In your 20s, you can experiment and go with more daring trends; however if you're working in the business world you want to present a professional and sophisticated image but retain an element of fun. You also want to avoid looking too young - after all, you want people to take you seriously.

Spice up this season's grays with red accessories to avoid the school uniform look. According to the style experts at Net-a-Porter.com, if you test out this season's tailored look, feel free to put a funky twist on it so the ensemble doesn't come across as too formal. Play around with mixing and matching - try elegant classics with fashion forward trends.

In your 30s? You're confident and know who you are and what you want. What you should have in your closet are short sweater dresses to wear over pants and jeans, knee boots, at least one oversized handbag and men's tailored jackets and blouses. Try pairing jeans with a tailored tuxedo jacket, which serves to soften the severity of the tailored look and infuse sophistication to ordinary denim.

For the lovely 40 something ladies, it's all about glamour. Add glitz to sophisticated neutrals with a hint of gold; try accessorizing with a pair of gold earrings or heels. Mid-length skirts and tailored paints worn with heels are flattering looks. Go ahead and mix your fashion staples with some trendy pieces for a progressive yet chic look.

Whether you're idea of fun is hitting the club with friends, sipping martinis at the hip new lounge or enjoying your favorite bottle of red at a neighborhood bistro, you'll find only the best designers and latest fashions at Net-a-Porter.com. If the idea of browsing through shoes, handbags, accessories, dresses, blouses and jeans by designers like Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Chloe, Fendi and Marc Jacobs is overwhelming, or even exhilarating, you don't have to click away without direction. Net-a-Porter is not just a retail website; presented like a fashion magazine, their online style guides give you countless ideas for putting together today's hottest looks. Simply put, Net-a-Porter is the ultimate shopping destination for fashionistas around the world (they ship internationally). Age? Irrelevant.

For LxM Amy Covington
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