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A Meal Suited for a Pharaoh

Posted: Mar. 20th, 2007  |  By Christina Stewart
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Luxury Dining: Let your taste buds navigate through an array of cultural cuisine while your senses kick into overdrive as you take in one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After the success of last month's $25,000 dinner in Bangkok, the creators have decided to play host to another, more extravagant feast.

With the ancient Pyramids of Giza as a backdrop, guests will be afforded the luxury of a gourmet meal prepared by top chefs from around the world. The event, scheduled for December 12, 2008, is expected to feature 30 3-star Michelin chefs, who will concoct the worldly cuisine in a half-mile long, open-air kitchen. Each chef will prepare meals for approximately 17 guests.

The "Epicurean Masters of the World" dinners are being put on by Bangkok's luxury Lebua hotel. While an actual price has yet to be set, it will cost less than $10,000 per person. Though the price is significantly less than last months, this feast is expected to go above and beyond anything done in the past. And with 500 tickets available, the hosts can afford to put on quite an event. Organizer Deepak Ohri said, "It will still be for millionaires, but this dinner will be for a lot of millionaires," according to The Associated Press.

It has been rumored that the organizers are considering donating the profits to an organization or charity that will help conserve the pyramids. The proceeds from the $25,000 dinner were allocated between the Chaipattana Foundation and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Because the pyramids are a World Heritage site, it is up to the Egyptian government and the U.N.'s cultural body, UNESCO, as to how close guests can dine to the majestic relics.

For LxM Christina Stewart

Company: Lebua at State Tower
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Web site: www.lebua.com
Contact: (66) 2624-9999 / information@lebua.com
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