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Get Nautical in Paul & Shark

Posted: Mar. 21st, 2007  |  By Christina Stewart
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Luxury Yachting Apparel: Since its conception in 1921, Paul & Shark has been a leader in luxury yachting apparel. The company began as a knitting mill in Masnago, Varese, in the countryside of Milan. But it was in 1977 when Paul & Shark really began making a name for itself. That year, the company introduced a water-repellant wool pullover, which ultimately led to the launch of an entire men's sportswear line. And after great success among the lads, the company has since produced ladies, cadet and golf collections.

Though widely popular in the UK, Paul & Shark stores have emerged worldwide. For Paul & Shark, the trademarked shark emblem represents the highest quality attainable. The company goes to great lengths to ensure their line will withstand even the harshest yachting conditions. Before any apparel is put on the shelves, it is tested by members of their Research and Development Center, after being worn onboard by a professional sailing team during their regattas.

In addition to the classic Continuative Collection, Paul & Shark delivers a new collection every Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter season. The yachting collection includes more casual pieces such as the sunshield polo, corduroy pants, and wind-resistant jackets. The wool zipped blouson even comes in its own metal case. For combined style and function, the Typhoon 20000 is a safe bet. It is not only resistant to 20,000 mm of water pressure, but it has a steel fiber-lined cell phone pocket, too. You can also stay dry in the Giraglia Typhoon sailing suit, offering full-body protection and adjustable light reflective cuffs.

The Bretagne collection features a more high-end version of nautical apparel including the wool round neck pullover, the captain pea-coat, wool scarves and reversible hats. Paul & Shark also offers kids apparel, as well as a full line of accessories. Whether it's eyewear, shoes, bags or belts, Paul & Shark is built to last.

Unfortunately, apparel cannot be purchased through the Web site, although it does display an impressive electronic catalogue. It does, however, help you locate the store nearest you. Also, there is a club designed for avid Paul & Shark customers, which earns the cardholder miles for every purchase. The miles can then be redeemed for gifts, clothing and accessories. Members will also receive two Paul & Shark catalogs each year. I just signed up online and instantly earned 100 miles. I'm on my way!

For LxM Christina Stewart

Company: Paul & Shark
Merchandise: Yachting Apparel and Accessories
Location: Varese, Italy
Web site: www.paulshark.it
Contact: +39 0332 828 335 / CS@paulshark.it
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