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Hayden-Harnett: A Handbag in Every Shade

Posted: Apr. 6th, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Handbags: Good thing we aren't limited to the standard mall selection of handbags. We can choose from any number of styles- drawstring hobo, over-the-shoulder, clutch, demi-flap, satchel, frame, tote, the list goes on. When it comes to materials, there's patent leather, soft leather, smooth leather, colored leather, slouchy leather, fabric, tassles, no tassles. You get the idea. But when it comes to color and patterns, designers seem to offer limited options.

You find the perfect handbag but in the wrong shade. What you wouldn't do for a hangbag to perfectly accent that gorgeous Nanette Lepore floral sundress. Don't give up hope. Hayden-Harnett Designs, comprised of a dynamic New York duo (and their mighty Siamese Py), have more handbags in more styles, fabrics and colors than you can come up with outfits to pair them with (that is unless you have the fashion budget of Paris Hilton). So if you want a cobalt blue bag to go with your hot new patent leather platforms or a geometric tweed for your sexy new skirt suit, they've got you covered.

For LxM Amy Covington

Where to shop:

Bella Toscana
4410 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 482-8222

SNT Famous Bags
1308 Kings Highway
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 375-2000

Jenna White 7301 South West 57 Court
Suite 110
Miami, FL
(305) 669-5940

Colette Boutique
40675 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, Suite B5
Murrieta, CA
(951) 461-1603

Suzie O's
1716 Espinosa Circle
Palos Verdes, CA 90274
(310) 378-1012

Clutch Boutique
5005 France Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 455-0606

Company: Hayden-Harnett
Business: Fashion Apparel
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Web site: http://haydenharnett.com
Contact: (718) 389-1750
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