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Martin Katz Jewelry: A Fusion of Past and Present

Posted: Apr. 6th, 2007  |  By Christina Stewart
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Luxury Jewelry: Known as the "jeweler to the stars," Martin Katz's collections grace the likes of some of today's most celebrated celebrities. His following includes Hollywood fashionistas Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, Kim Basinger, Minnie Driver, and more. And with locations in Los Angeles and New York City, his pieces are prevalent among the affluent, well-heeled crowd, too.

From the early age of ten, Martin Katz knew he would one day collect and produce jewelry. But he could never have imagined the extent to which his passion would take him. After graduating from the University of Indiana, with a degree in psychology, Katz quickly became a leader in the upscale jewelry market. As an estate jeweler, Katz has acquired some of the world's finest examples of period jewelry. Though his collection is extensive, it is his own work that demands praise. His attention to detail is apparent as each piece illustrates his combined passion for vintage and contemporary styles.

His contemporary collection includes pieces that convey symbolic, nature-inspired motifs such as his well-received tulip brooch. The brooch is constructed of tsavorite garnets, pink sapphires, amethysts and diamonds and offers an interchangeable flower head. His vintage collection boasts a stunning cabochon emerald and diamond ring set in platinum. Whether Katz implements a modern-day design or takes a more periodic approach, it's safe to say each piece possesses a timeless quality.

For LxM Christina Stewart

Company: Martin Katz, Ltd. Rare Jewels
Business: Jeweler
Location: Los Angeles, New York
Web site: www.martinkatz.com
Contact: Los Angeles: (310) 276-7200/ New York: (212) 957-8295
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