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Make your Coat a Fashion Statement with Cole Haan

Posted: Nov. 28th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Coats: You're either a winter person or you're not. Regardless of seasonal preference you're going to need a good coat if you live in north of the Mason-Dixon line or if you travel anywhere with temps dipping below 50 degrees. Don't think of it as one of those mandatory wardrobe items, if you love showing off how stylish you are, getting a new coat provides just one more opportunity to flaunt your impeccable taste. Cole Haan has an exhaustive collection of outerwear for every occasion. While they are typically associated with shoes, Cole Haan offers the style you're looking for, whether it's a pulled-together business look, a street-chic urban look or weekend casual, Cole Haan has a coat to compliment it. Men can choose from classic wool overcoats, blazers and lambskin jackets; women can wrap up in wool trench coats, lambskin jackets, shawls and waistcoats.

So if you're still in winter coat denial, or think you can tough out the winter months without the essential weather guard, you may just be surprised that a coat, especially one from Cole Haan, can actually give that business suit, evening gown, or even everyday jeans and sweater ensemble a finished, pulled-together look that makes a statement.

Finding the Right Coat
First of all, figure out what best describes your body type. Are you heavier on top, petite, plus sized, thicker in the waist, pear shaped? It's not always fun to think about yourself in these terms but doing so will help you select the most flattering coat.

If you want to de-emphasize generous curves, go with a double-breasted pea coat with criss-cross lapels. Balance full hips with a shawl coat, with an oversized fur collar and hood. Balance a petite frame with a sleek single-breasted slim-waisted coat; hide trouble areas with the "waterfall" coat, which free-floats from the waist downwards, which gracefully cascades over the problem area.

Once you've chosen a style and found a coat, make sure it fits over your bulkiest outfit and ensure that the sleeves fall below your wrist bone. Another good trip is to sit down while wearing the coat to make sure it doesn't ride up or feel too tight.

For the best durability, choose a wool- acrylic blend in a 60/40 ratio. Selecting a coat with a detachable hood, scarf or lining will add some built-in versatility.

For LxM Amy Covington
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