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M-Clip: A Money Clip that Works

Posted: Aug. 7th, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Shopping: If you're the kind of guy who likes to show off his money then the M-Clip money clip is a must-have accessory. The makers of the M-Clip have discovered a way to combine the practical with the stylish. Solid, classic and handsome, the eye-catching accessory features the soft feel of a wallet without the bulk.

The clip has a sliding lever mechanical design that allows you to easily slide it back when opening and does not contain an annoying magnet to conflict with your credit cards. The personalized money clip can be tailor-made to show your own style—the Charleston model reflects a classic style, New Yorker is made with 18K gold, Monterey has a durable rhodium finish with genuine alligator and Explorer offers a PVD coated finish. You can even choose the color, custom laser logo etching for corporate incentive gifts, engraving or alligator skin of your preference.

No longer a need to open your wallet, the handmade clip will quickly separate you from the crowd. Lightly grip the slide bars from the middle to front portion when opening the clip. When opening the clip to insert contents, apply pressure to the extended levers. The clip will close very easily but the best way is to gently slide the bars by pushing the back edges of the slide bars.

This classic platinum model has an alligator skin and an area appropriate for engraving/personalizing and its clip keeps a firm grip on your money. Constructed to quality standards like those of a fine watch, each M-Clip is hand made and individually assembled, polished and tested prior to leaving the production facility.

Leather wallets have long been the standard for containing things and provide protection for your personal belongings. The money clip was later introduced for a more casual look and accessory for a night on the town. The basic type of leather wallet is bi-fold to separate money from credit cards. Most leather wallets require added protection from water and heat.

Today, a money clip implies sophistication and elegance. They are ideal for users who do not wish to carry anything but cash and credit cards. Money clips have long been a favorite choice for groomsmen gifts and today they still are. What better way to eliminate having to carry around a bulky wallet in your pocket when wearing a tuxedo to a special event when the clip provides a lower profile yet secure holding for money and credit cards? The M-Clip is an ideal gift and will be appreciated by men of all ages.

For LxM Kellie K. Speed
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