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Men's Fashion: From Rogue to Vogue

Posted: Aug. 24th, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Men's Fashion: You can lead a man to buy a handbag, but you may not be able to get him to carry it in public! This is a callout to all gents who think a haberdasher is part of the rodent family of furry creatures and do not acknowledge that the term "accessorize" is a verb. While women are taught fashion sensibilities and how to accessorize straight from the crib, many men are stumped and left scratching their craniums over such cultured matters.

While many blokes do know that the distinction between dress and casual shoes is not scuffmarks and age, developing a voguish all-encompassing lifestyle is hard for some men. Apparently, money, sports, gadgets and cars take precedence over handbags, cufflinks, and totes. I think many of us are only a few good pointers away from going from rogue to vogue smashingly.

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The catalog on the Web site of Bottega Veneta is a great place to begin. From exotic-skin duffel bags to dress shoes, BV has got it going on in all directions! There are casual and dress shoes, travel and shaving bags, belts, cufflinks, money clips, gloves and more. The wide array of handcrafted wallets and leather bags is off the charts. Bottega Veneta covers a man stylishly with DVD and phone cases, shaving, traveling, and sports bags, totes, clutches and attaches. The firm's catalog represents luxury items for all comers. Ladies can get in on the action too!

Berluti is a Paris-based shoe and leather goods maker that has been in business since 1895. There are 15 shoe collections offered online. The designs on the skins are so intricate and varied that the fine leathers used resemble highly polished exotic woods. There are shoes for every occasion at least thrice over. The "B," Constellation, Effervescence, Andy Africa, Andy, Alessandro, and Alessandro Norwegian are titled shoes. Many of Berluti's shoes are assigned catalog numbers beginning with a "B." Rest assured that the simplicity stops there.

It honestly may take some time for an apprentice of fashionable accessories in training to fully appreciate Ultiman approach. The company makes customized cufflinks and sells classic vintage cufflinks. There are cufflinks and tuxedo accessories over 50 years old by Hermés and Birmingham. Some of the more eclectic pieces include a 19th century carrying case for toothpicks and a crocodile-leather travel bag circa 1930. The $2,500-plus crocodile wallets are attention grabbers too. Many unique items are available here.

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Turning to shopping sources of unchallengeable reputations and worldwide acclaim, such as Hermés and Louis Vuitton, usually assures acquisitions of excellent quality for buyers. Both establishments offer character complementing gentlemanly accessories.

Ties and square pockets from Hermés infuse new life into suits and sports jackets. The storied establishment also offers fine jewelry and captivating fragrances and bath accessories. A Terre d'Hermés gift-set contains all the essentials including cologne, shower gel, and after-shave balm.

Louis Vuitton has across-the-board wardrobe and accessories options for men. LV's leather goods go from wallets to luggage and all points between. Jewelry, sunglasses, and wristwatches fit for a king are displayed plentifully. Assorted well-crafted shoes include lace-ups, loafers, boots, sneakers, and open styles.

As a wad in a money clip shrinks, a man's refinement rises proportionately. Bear in mind that "accessories" and "miscellaneous" are not interchangeable terms. When in doubt that the effort is not worth the return, reflect on the wisdom imparted by lyricists Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard, a.k.a. ZZ Top, in their hit song Sharp Dressed Man:

"They come runnin" just as fast as they can cause every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man." Class is never dismissed. But for now, we are adjourned.

For LxM James Rothaar
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