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Falconhead Is So 'Boot-i-ful'!

Posted: Dec. 15th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Apparel & Accessories: Is it fact or fiction that Governor Schwarzenneger said, "I'll be back!" to Scott, the owner of Falconhead, before he gleefully strolled out of the shop wearing his new custom-made cowboy boots? Arnold is just one of many public figures and celebrities whose feet have lived happily ever after since discovering the Tres Outlaw Boot Company of Falconhead. Keeping in step with equal time for elephants and donkeys, John Kerry also owns a pair of boots from Falconhead. True boot lovers know that a pair of cowboy boots can be either the most comfortable or uncomfortable shoes ever worn. It depends solely on how the boot fits. Falconhead, with its blazingly bold original designs, offers the snazziest styles and guarantees a perfect fit. The company's website features over 1,000 pair of boots on display.

There are round-toe, J-toe, square-toe, R-toe and needle-nose-toe boots in a dazzling array of colors made from exotic skins, feathers, and leathers. Cowboy hats, custom-made western jewelry, belt buckles, belts, and western wear are available too. Falconhead's wares were on display at the Legends of the West show at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Grace Museum of Abilene, Texas. The company's museum-quality craftsmanship and quality is more than advertising puffery; it is the real deal. Numerous periodicals, newspapers and associations related to western wear or decorum have heaped praise bountifully on the company.

The making of custom boots is a tedious 13-step procedure. The handmade boots are put together at the factory in El Paso, Texas. It is a familial environment as many of the staffers have been with the outfit for years. The retail store is located in Brentwood, California. Online shopping is available too.

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