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Elle by YSL: Unpredictable and Unique

Posted: Dec. 3rd, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Designer Fragrance: One of the most revered luxury brands, Yves Saint Laurent, continues to dazzle the senses with its latest contribution to designer fragrances, Elle.

Discover the Elle Woman...

Elle represents everything the modern woman strives to be, in an amazing mixture of complimentary competing strong and soft scents that have been combined to make an irresistible fragrance for even the most discerning consumers. Following the recent fashion trend of menswear for women, Elle is a blend of traditionally feminine "floral" combined with stronger, more masculine "woody notes." This blend of his and hers is also represented in the elongated, modern shape of the bottle in YSL's signature fuchsia shade accented in gold, a perfect addition to any beauty product lover's collection.

The Elle woman is young and vibrant and as comfortable in the gritty city streets as she is in a nightclub after a long day's work. Elle fragrance celebrates the duality of youthful spirit in all aspects of the scent, from packaging to ingredients. Layers of flowers, exotic fruits, like lychee meld together with contrasting scents of pink berries and patchouli into a wonderfully saucy concoction that mellows with wear and can last all day.

A lighter version of the fragrant spray is available in both a body wash and lotion. Both have the same spicy floral fluidity of the spray, but with a subtler touch. With the holidays on the horizon, Elle makes a lovely gift for the YSL aficionada in your life, whether it's the entire trio, or an individual product.

Unique and sexy, Elle is a luxury scent as diverse and mysterious as she is. Shop Now

Discover the Elle Woman...

For LxM Mark Alyn
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