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Intricate Design of Lisa Kline

Posted: Dec. 3rd, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion: If you're a fan of the Style channel or any makeover shows, then you've probably seen fashion victims wandering into the Lisa Kline boutique on Robertson Boulevard, with its signature pink mudflap silhouettes flagging the sign above the door. But there's hope for people that are fans of the fantastic styles featured in the store, because the luxury designers offered in the Lisa Kline boutique are now available in her online store at www.LisaKline.com.

Lisa Kline is a young businesswoman who has watched her passion for fashion grow and expand to include a men's store and children's store favored by the Hollywood elite as well as style mavens. The store offers a lot of designer denim lines, including Joe's and Chip and Pepper, in keeping with Lisa Kline's dedication to the casual sexy style of Los Angeles.

The best part of the store's site isn't just limited to the amazingly broad selection of designers. Not only does the site also include a men's and kid's section, it also offers help on how to shop. There is a "fit guide" that helps you choose your size for different lines, as well as a size conversion chart. The online shop also features a special section of seasonal collections where the guesswork of putting together a stunning outfit is done for you. Not only that, they also offer a special section of Lisa Kline exclusives, featuring her signature pink trucker figure. But the truly incredible part of the site is that they offer the same personal attention that you would receive in the store with their "ask us" option. If they don't happen to be online while you shop, just email them your question, whether it's about a specific item or fit or what to wear, they'll get back to you. All online shops should be so customer friendly!

For a totally LA experience, check out Lisa Kline's online boutique.

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