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Lingerie 101: What Every Man Should Know, and What Every Woman Wants to Wear

Posted: Jan. 26th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Lingerie: As every fashionista knows, a luxurious look starts with a good base, but luxury undergarments can be difficult to find, especially in a one-stop shop. Luckily, for the last few decades, Nancy Meyer has been offering hard-to-find luxury lingerie, from Italian favorites LaPerla and Cosabella to less well-known luxury labels, all in one place. With the most romantic day of the year coming up, everyone is going to want to pick up something special.

Based in the high-end retail section of Seattle's 5th Avenue, Nancy Meyer has expanded into an online luxury lingerie store found at www.nancymeyer.com. Just as the 5th Avenue location gives personalized help to all customers entering its doors, so does the online version. Offering shoppers a variety of personalized experience options, even the clueless men that may be buying gifts as Valentine's Day looms near, can get help. Nancy Meyer's Fashion Coordinator, Victoria Hill recommends that men giving gifts check the site's "A Gentleman's Guide to Buying Lingerie," designed especially with gift-giving in mind. Organized into categories to describe a woman's style, Victoria says that "when in doubt about a woman's size, stick to a chemise, which are flattering even though every body is different and tend to come in sizes small, medium and large for a fit that is close, but not too specific."

"when in doubt about a woman's size, stick to a chemise..."

Over her years in the lingerie industry, Victoria has known many favorite designers that have come and gone and is proud that Nancy Meyer was one of the first stores to import LaPerla in the States. Now she says, "Eres is the new French LaPerla, especially since they were bought by Chanel...Look for great things to come from Eres."

For Valentine's Day, Victoria says, "Remember it is Valentines Day, keep it romantic. A classic piece such as a silk chemise is always sexy yet romantic. A beautiful bra and panty set is always on the wish list. If you want to be a little more playful, add the Pearl G String, or a cut out set; just remember to also give her something that she will feel is romantic."

"luxury lingerie is the power women hold dear to seduce or be seduced."

The rest of the year, Victoria tells luxury lingerie lovers, "Over the years designers have been more and more creative with embellishments such as Swarovski Crystals, bows and cutouts. Lingerie is now taking cues from European (pr?t a porter) ready-to-wear as well as (atelier haute couture) the high fashion houses. Some designers are presenting their collections on the runway as well as offering special custom-ordered pieces. As far as trends, expect to see more of the embellished fashion driven pieces."

Being in the in business so long has allowed Victoria to notice subtle differences in the things men and women look for when buying lingerie, "Sometimes; men tend to choose the sheerer pieces and they don't usually buy padded bras. Other gentlemen tend to buy a beautiful gown, robe or silk P.J., it just depends on the occasion. Women buy a little bit of everything, when they choose the sheerer or demi-cups, it is usually because they feel sexier to their partners, themselves or both."

Above all, when you shop Nancy Meyer, keep in mind that "luxury lingerie is the power women hold dear to seduce or be seduced."

For LxM Carly Zinderman

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