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It's Always April in Paris

Posted: Jan. 28th, 2005  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Handbags: The true art of handmade products is few and far between, which is why finding a luxury line of hand-tooled designs is so exciting. Designer Beatrice Amblard's exotic bags for her San Francisco-based line, April in Paris, are "custom handcrafted leather accessories to suit your needs."

Beatrice's desire to be a leather artisan began in her native town of Paris, at the tender of age of fifteen. After working for world-renowned purveyor of luxury goods, Hermes, for many years, first in Paris and then in San Francisco, Beatrice opened her own boutique, April in Paris, in 2000. Using the skills she learned at Hermes, Beatrice has made April in Paris not only a favorite boutique for luxury lovers, but also her workshop, where she meticulously and lovingly crafts her leather-goods.

You don't have to be in the Bay Area to enjoy the craftsmanship of a centuries old tradition. At www.aprilinparis.us, you can shop for the custom leather-goods. Don't try to rush your order though; the site warns to allow two weeks for processing before your order is even shipped, because of the special nature of ordering custom accessories. Each piece, from belts and wallets to iPhone cases, is available in your choice of color and leather, and takes time to make just for you.

If ordering from the variety of leather accessories isn't custom enough for you, contact the store for access into the Private Section, which offers downloadable photos. Also, if you subscribe to the April in Paris newsletter, you can be the first to see Beatrice's latest creations. If you need another reason to order an April in Paris handbag, keep in mind that they are as functional as they are stylish, making them the perfect purse for any occasion.

For something truly special, have Beatrice create something especially for you and your needs.

Beatrice Amblard is keeping artisan leather craftsmanship alive and available for purchase at her store, April in Paris.

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