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Still Sleek for City Sophisticates, Banana Republic Celebrates 30 Years

Posted: May. 1st, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion: Banana Republic marks its 30th anniversary this year, but far from harkening back to their casual safari roots, the brand refined and updated the modern, tailored basics that have come to distinguish the brand for their Fall/Holiday 2008 men's and women's collections.

With a runway show in an art gallery in New York on Tuesday, April 29, Banana Republic showcased a cohesive set of separates that wouldn't be out of place in the cubicles of an architecture firm worn by scrupulous associates: stand-up funnel collars on coats, military detailing on a cardigan sweater, trim pleated trousers and blousy white silk tuxedo shirt for the women - exemplifying a light feminine touch on the menswear-inspired looks featured throughout. Basic black coats featured dramatic architectural puffed sleeves, injecting this urban wardrobe staple with the kind of detail you'd expect from a more expensive designer label.

For men, the silhouette was slim for suits in the vein of mid-century Continental - picture 1950s ad men - and the palette du jour, flannel grey. Chunky knits rounded out casual offerings and crinkled white denim looked particularly fresh.

A halftone backdrop of the stark branches of trees emphasized the minimal color palette of the collections as a whole - all flannel grays, inky blacks, crisp whites, chalky charcoals punctuated by just two looks in fuchsia, functioning in the collection like a smear of bright lipstick on a bare face.

Banana Republic launched its upscale version of the label this spring called Monogram, featuring more or less a similar BR style as their regular collection, but in more luxurious fabrics and more refined construction. Their first stand-alone boutique opened earlier this month in New York on Bleecker Street and is also available online.

By Renata Espinosa
Courtesy Fashion Wire Daily
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