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What to Wear to a Wedding

Posted: May. 22nd, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style: As the weather heats up, wedding season gets started, peaking in June. Unless you are in the wedding party, it can be tricky determining what to wear to the happy affairs, so we decided to help you out and break down exactly what is appropriate to wear to which kind of wedding.

Formal, Black-tie Weddings
Feel free to bring on the decadence if you're invited to a formal wedding. Be sure not to outshine the bride, but wear luxurious fabrics like silk to keep it upscale and summertime appropriate.
For the ceremony, you may want to cover-up a little more, and a simple shawl draped across your shoulders will help accomplish just that. Traditionally speaking, formal weddings conjure up images of long gowns, so to keep it classy make sure hemlines don't go too much over the knees and necklines don't plunge all the way down-to-there. Bring out the sequins, glamour and glitz, but keep it tasteful. This Armani Collezioni Silk Cady Gown, available at Neiman Marcus is a great pick because it comes with a jacket option, perfect for indoor/outdoor weddings with ambiguous weather requirements and which can be paired with other pieces when the need arises. It's a classic look and will also be suitable for other formal affairs during the rest of the year.

Semi-Formal Weddings
Semi-Formal weddings are the most common sort of weddings. You get to be a little less traditional but don't go all the way casual either. Hemlines can be higher, but be sure you wear tights if it's a nighttime affair. Sequins are still acceptable, but in smaller doses or tamed down with an unadorned jacket. Get a little funky and try a single-shoulder strap dress or something with ruffles, like the Embroidered Bow Dress by Nina Ricci. Shimmery and elegant, you can dress it up with a sheer shawl or dress it down with a cardigan, depending on whether the wedding is held during the day or at night.

Also, make the best possible use of accessories and change a simple sheath into a standout piece with some of summer's trendy large jewelry pieces (but only one big piece at a time). And feel free to wear pants as well, but make sure they have a bit of shimmer and shape to make them more appropriate for the occasion.

Outdoor Weddings
Outdoor weddings tend to be a bit more whimsical than indoor affairs and conjure up images of nature. Take advantage by wearing the floral prints and bright colors that are so popular this season. Armani Collezioni's Tulip Lace Dress manages to be chic yet frivolous with its snug fit and floral print. Make it more sedate with closed toe shoes or let your toes wiggle around in some strappy metallic sandals for a more fun option. Following these tips will ensure you look appropriate at any summer wedding.

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Mrs C Posted Jul 20, 2008
Great info now how to inform our future brides as to down play the wedding party just enough to allow her to shine while not upsetting the rest of those viewed at her side?
Alison Posted Jul 09, 2008
Good article
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