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Fall Fix: Accessories to Covet

Posted: May. 30th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Accessories: For the fashion directors at Neiman Marcus, Fall 2008 marks a return to glamour, accessories-wise. Previewing some of the fall season's hottest trends, the Dallas-based department store has its pulse on what styles you can look forward to once your summer clothes are packed. Or, you can get a head start on things now and start hunting down these looks:

Animal Prints Are the New Black

If you're looking for a neutral alternative to black, brown or beige, think animal print - leopard prints, a perennial favorite with Neiman Marcus customers, are a chic and sexy alternative to the basics, while still managing to look good with everything. If you're inclined to keep your wardrobe classic, adding an animal print accessory is a manageable way to spice things up.

Berry Tones: Not Just an Antioxidant

Berry tones, like juicy raspberries, deep purples or rich blues, are making a comeback this fall, and look great as patent leather handbags or as an opaque pair of tights.

Booties in Basic Black

Good news for those who love a tough-looking shoe but love the support of a boot - booties are still going strong for next fall, though they've been given a more feminine touch with open toes and stiletto heels. Calling all Catwomen: Patent leather booties are a Fall 2008 must-have. Chunky heels will still be popular overall, but the daring (who have a great shoe repairman on speed dial) should also consider adding sexy stiletto pumps to their rotation.

Thirties Art Deco

Rhinestone costume jewelry, like big necklaces, rings or brooches, will add a touch of decadence to fall wardrobes. Prada, always an accessories leader of the pack, will offer intricate lace handbags to go along with their gorgeous lace dresses. Exquisite, delicate and rare, these should only be attempted by the bravest of handbag collectors (with a private car, in sunny weather only). For the rest of us, lace tights will be the safer - and less expensive - alternative

By Renata Espinosa
Courtesy of Fashion Wire Daily
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