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Bodymetrics: Perfect Jeans in 5 Seconds

Posted: Jun. 16th, 2008  |  By James Rothaar
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Couture Blue Jeans: The transatlantic connection strikes a fashion chord that is so haute couture it is sure to reach the U.S. shores' luxury stores sooner than later. At least that's our sentiments here. This is going to make lovers of deluxe denim in search of the perfect fit deliriously happy! London's prestigious Selfridges & Co. is the first to offer custom-fit blue jeans by Bodymetrics. A perfect-fit pair of blue jeans awaits patrons willing to step into a futuristic sci-fi shaped device called the Bodymetrics pod. Once inside the machine, a biometric measurement is taken with light scans and completed in approximately five seconds. In less time than it takes to say "where is my credit card" the numbers needed to produce a perfect fit are ready for tailoring. And the fit is guaranteed to be accurate within two centimeters provided the client's body shape remains intact. That leaves about a forefinger of room for jiggling and wiggling.

Bodymetrics is the London-based progressive-thinking company responsible for developing the biometric-measuring device. By utilizing light-scanning technology, the pod takes 200 accurate measurements in no time at all. The convenience factor for buyers is staggering. The timeframe for slipping into those second-skin-like blue jeans is five seconds and then three to four weeks thereafter.

There are a few simple prerequisites to undertake before the scanning begins. A buyer must strip down to the briefs, which must be either white or nude color only, and remove all jewelry and accessories while being fitted. Tattoos also must be completely covered so that the body is a blank canvas for the lights on the device to record accurate measurements.

The benefits are long-term as the information is archived and available for future orders as well. A Bodymetrics consultant works with a buyer to expand upon the privatization of the pants with such add-ons as custom stitching on the watch pocket. The snazzy denims of the haute pod are available in boot-cut, straight-leg, and drainpipe-leg styles for both men and women.

For LxM James Rothaar

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diane valenzuela Posted Aug 25, 2008
beverly hills california of course
Big Tom Posted Jul 22, 2008
Absolutely great idea, Now my pants can fit me not the10 foot tall person my waist size demands my height must be.
Lily Posted Jul 09, 2008
I want these!!!!!
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