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Kathyrn Kerrigan: Walking Tall

Posted: Jul. 15th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style: For anybody out of the ordinary, it can be hard to find luxury wear that fits. Kathryn Kerrigan knows this better than anybody and created her signature line of shoes especially for women with big feet that want to look great.

At six feet tall and wearing a size 11 shoe, Kathryn has personally experienced the endless search for the perfect, stylish shoe in her size. After years wearing stylish clothes with decidedly unstylish shoes, Kathryn was inspired to design for others what she needed most. Now, the young entrepreneur has turned her frustration to good use and created a luxury line of shoes in Euro sizes 35-46, a wide range to provide stylish footwear for all feet.

Kathryn hails from Illinois and in July 2007, she opened her own flagship store in Libertyville, IL. Kathyrn has sold her shoes on Amazon.com and you can find flats, pumps and boots in all sizes at www.KathrynKerrigan.com and www.ShoesForTallWomen.com. You can also order catalogues and shop by phone. When she's not busy creating the perfect shoe, Kathryn guest speaks at business events and will begin teaching part-time at Loyola University this fall.

Kathryn Kerrigan is influenced mainly by Kathryn's stylish grandmother's couture wardrobe. Manufactured in Spain, many of the styles reflect a vintage aesthetic and take comfort into consideration as well, a rare find for such stunning shoes. The handcraftsmanship provides soft leather lining to cushion feet without hurting toes. And special care was taken with the ballet flats so that the arch is somewhat supported to provide additional comfort. Kathryn even offers a selection of "narrow" shoes, which are another hard find in the shoe-shopping arena.

Since graduating from Loyola University with an MBA, Kathryn has used her skills to build designs around her grandmother Dottie's 1920s elegant and classic flapper style. Both her parents are also involved in the shoe empire, which is projected to do $1 million in sales this year. Her father, Paul, is a consultant and her mother, Inna, is President for Kathryn Kerrigan, Inc.

Women will find no limitations on styles, heels that are generally considered taboo for tall women can be found in large sizes just as easily as the season's stunning ballet slippers. Kathyrn leaves no trend unturned and several different "booties" can be found in the upcoming Fall/Winter collection.

Best sellers include classic black shoes that would be comfortable enough to wear all day at the office and then out to dinner, with heels ranging from .5 to 2 inches. JustLuxe's personal favorite is the "Maria," with a padded sole to provide extra comfort for the vintage style round-toe pump. The sensible heel is perfect for tall women looking to show off her gams without adding too much height.

This fall will also bring Kathryn's latest luxury foray, a couture line of clothing for tall women.

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Mrs C Posted Jul 20, 2008
Wow what a find, accidentally coming across this site while looking for luxury vacations! Now on vacation, at work or while going to dinner with the family I wont keep track of time wondering when I can pull off my shoes. JustLuxe's favorite"maria " i have yet to order but I LOVE my "Symonas"
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