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BIFF & BIL: Bangkok International Fashion Fair

Posted: Aug. 8th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style: In the interest of building Bangkok as a fashion capitol in Asia, the Thailand chapter of the Asian Fashion Federation (AFF) is hosting the 2008 AFF Conference in conjunction with the Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair (BIFF & BIL). The show is expecting over 30,000 people, and will showcase work from a host of countries, including an array of new luxury couture designers. It's an event not to be missed if you have an interest in international fashion.

Young designers from all over Asia will have the chance to exhibit their designs, not only benefiting the designers themselves, but the Thai fashion industry as well as the five main countries represented as well.

BIFF & BIL is the largest regional and international fashion trade professionals. The Fair will give BIFF & BIL the opportunity to show off the craftsmanship of their fashion and leather designers, manufacturing and merchandising capabilities.

Mr. David Chiu, president of the Thai Leathergoods Association, compares Thailand's up and coming status in the fashion world to that of Italy's struggle to be recognized as a purveyor of fine leather goods, a process that took over 30 years and a large budget. Now, Italy is working as Thailand's mentor in developing quality leather goods for the mass market. Already, BIFF & BIL has attracted a greater number of booths with top quality leatherwear.

One of the more exciting events will be the Designers Room 2008. Included amongst the design professionals are both upcoming designers seeking to establish their brands as well as a more select group of already established designers who have already become recognizable brands across the nation. The Designers' Room 2008 will also include a Design Circle, comprised of individuals and organizations that offer special services for the different aspects of the design industry, including industry, international and fashion.

Somchai Kawtong, owner of Kai Boutique, has been a pioneer of Thai haute couture for 39 years. He says of his upcoming collection, "Each outfit in the collection places great emphasis on individuality and craftsmanship, from the cocktail dresses and evening gowns to the wedding gowns. The cocktail dresses and evening gowns have been inspired by the economic slump, increased living expenses, as well as global warming. The gowns therefore stress simplicity and elegance, comfort and easy maintenance. Natural fabrics form the basis of the outfits, enhanced with meticulous hand-worked details, for use in real life, not fantasy."

T-Ra is the brainchild of T-ra Chantasawasdee, who will be showing his collection in the Next showcase, a new wave of designers with their own labels. He has won several awards, both locally and internationally. His new collection is said to follow on the heels of his previous collection, which played with geometric forms to bring a new dimension to ready-to-wear fashion. The monochromatic color scheme features white, black gray and navy.

BIFF & BIL also provides other activities to help Bangkok fashion professionals become a part of the international fashion marketplace, including a showcase for fashions specifically geared to the US, a Resort Wear display of both clothing and accessories, a Thai Textile showcase as well as BKK Smith: a special showcase especially for talented jewelry designers.

The creative producer and fashion show organizer of BIFF & BIL explains, "We have selected the highlights of each brand to present so that the buyers will be aware of the design potential of the Thai fashion industry. Today, Thai manufacturers stress quality in production, as well as modern, stylish looks. We are well on par with international brands. That gives us the confidence to step into the international arena, and a clear goal with which to market the products."

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