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Kristen Davis joins the Fashion World

Posted: Oct. 16th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style:Kristin Davis is the latest alum from the fashionable Sex & the City cast to make her way into the fashion world.

American bargain brand Belk has teemed up with Kristin Davis to come out with a line luxurious enough for Kristin's alter ego Charlotte York. The line, due out this fall, includes everything from handbags and accessories to sportswear and sleepwear. In a statement on the Belk website, McKay Belk says, "Kristin is a great fit for Belk. She grew up shopping in our stores and is in tune with the fashion sensibility of our customer base. We think they'll love the modern fashion looks of the Kristin Davis brand. It's designed to capture Kristin's look and personality and to provide cutting-edge fashion assortments that customers won't find in any other store."

Footwear fiends will love the reasonably priced Kristin Davis Bethy Tall Platform Boot, with an extra high heel at 4.5 inches. If you're looking for a fun shoe that will show off your pedicure, even in fall's cooler weather, Kristin Davis Novak Platform Slingback is the perfect choice, with the cool crisscross design and shiny sheen. Indeed the whole collection is just as Kristin imagined it, "I grew up shopping at Belk. It was the nicest store we had, and I'd save my allowance to go to Belk."Many of us who didn't grow up near a big city can certainly relate! The line, which will feature a little bit of everything (shoes, handbags, lingerie, jeans, dresses, etc.), will range in price from $40 to $240, and will be "modern, feminine, [And] style savvy."

The accessories are indeed feminine and flirty, with delicate bows making frequent appearances. Although the line is designed to be affordable, it will mix well with more upscale pieces, as it looks deceptively luxurious.

For LxM Carly Zinderman

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