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Pierre Cardin's Bizarre Couture Line 2009

Posted: Oct. 17th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style: Since before the 1960's, Pierre Cardin has been a fashion force to watch and his latest collection is no exception.

The ever-eccentric Cardin continued his signature avant-garde style by showing his entire 2009 collection for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter at his villa in Theoule sur Mer in southern France to a select number of guests and press.

The collection was filled with Cardin's favored geometric prints and shapes that take almost no consideration for the female form. Many of the garments utilized a space age theme, with shiny metallics and over-sized tubing. While some clothes clung snuggly to the upper body, tubing or accessories too large to be practical often hampered the ensembles.

When not reinventing the space age, some of the collection took a step back in time, to the 60's, where short A-line dresses reigned supreme.

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As the man responsible for getting fashion recognized as an art form, it is no wonder that his designs often have sculptural qualities to them. Hoops and wires that give a deliberate shape were present throughout the collection, in dresses and hats alike.

Designs that stood out the most were the ones that were actually wearable, like a long red gown with a plunging neckline and black flower detail or a yellow mini dress worn over a black turtleneck and accented with black ribbons. Among the more creative shapes were circles, which made up patterns as well as clothes, like a red vest-type garment. Cardin also spent a lot of time on "puffy" coats, morphed into near cartoon-like proportions, in an assortment of colors and shapes.

Over 50 years after creating the bubble dress, Pierre Cardin is still having fun with fashion, and is as irreverent and luxurious as ever.

For LxM Carly Zinderman

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