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Chloe Spring 2009 Ready to Wear Collection

Posted: Oct. 17th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style: Chloe's Spring Summer 2009 Ready to Wear collection rocked the Paris runways as luxury lovers and fashionistas alike drooled at their chance to get a look at Hannah MacGibbon's first full collection for the house.

British designer Hannah MacGibbon has taken over the reins at Chloe, delivering Chloe's signature feminine touches to legions of followers.

The Spring 2009 collection encompassed a lot of the current trends, including looser fitting pants and dresses as well as menswear inspired jackets and blouses, but added lace and scalloped edges to make it all appealingly girly.

A very muted color palette of softened mustards, browns and beiges were mingled with unusual shades of chartreuse and apricot. Ever fashionable black also made an appearance, unusual for spring?s usually pastel color palette.

Patterns were a rarity, with the exception of a striped mini-dress and leopard-print coat combination that would work only on the runway. A more successful pattern was the tiny polka dots, which came on everything from sheer blouses to impossibly short-shorts with a high-waist. The focus was on texture and detailing including over-sized floppy bows and other unusually shaped accents on shoulders and waists. Scalloped edges appeared on everything from shorts bottoms to adding interest to shapeless overcoats.

Style.com reports that this collection represents MacGibbon's attempt to ""cleanse the palate" and de-complicate fashion for young women" which seemed evident in the clean lines and easy to mix-and-match pieces. Although the muted tones and full sleeved tops worn tucked in had roots in an older generation, the emphasis on legs made everything young and relevant. Favorite pieces include the multi-strapped high-heeled shoes in chartreuse and the textured lace mini-dress that is Look 1 along with the retro-inspired bottoms that opened the collection.

In all, it seems that MacGibbon's fun and flirty collection for Chloe is everything the brand has long represented.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
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