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Prada & Pietro Scalia Present "Alchemy"

Posted: Nov. 7th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion News Movies: Ever on the cutting edge, Prada has fused fashion and film to introduce the luxury house's latest creation, Infusion D'Homme perfume.

Alchemy is a short film put together by Oscar-winning editor, Pietro Scalia, using the inspiration of nine directors from international production houses. Scalia fused together the nine films, with nine distinct visions of the notion of a perfume for man.

Born in Sicily and then spending time in Switzerland, Scalia received his formal film education at UCLA. His years spent abroad were perfect for combining the efforts of an elite group of filmmakers from around the world, from South America to Europe.

Scalia says, "The idea of distilling the complexity of Prada's new men's fragrance, Infusion d'Homme, into an audio-visual experience by condensing the essence of nine different short films, was too intriguing to pass up."

Alchemy, the title of the film, combines the short films into one glorious work of art, the way legendary alchemists attempted to fuse common materials into gold.

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The two-time Oscar winner (for 1992s JFK and 2002s Black Hawk Down) and nominee, says of the project, "Young filmmakers from around the world, who were also given total autonomy and the creative freedom to portray their vision, produced the short films. I found this opportunity to be a wonderful, thought provoking challenge."

Alchemy is an international effort that evokes the always-experimental spirit of Prada as it is found in luxury markets around the world, along with the very different viewpoints of what it means to be a perfume for man, Infusion D'Homme.

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