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Behind the Scenes of the 2009 Pirelli Calendar

Posted: Dec. 11th, 2008  |  By Courtney Driver
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Fashion Calendars: Since the early sixties, Pirelli Calendar Club has produced a wide variety of intriguing images. Widely respected by photographers everywhere, the calendar has portrayed many a supermodel, including Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Helena Christiansen and Naomi Campbell.

For 2009, Pirelli Calendar Club has braved the African bush to take gorgeous pictures of big name models in an exciting setting. Emanuela de Paula and Isabeli Fontana of Brazil, Lara Stone and Rianne Ten Haken from Holland, Malgosia Bela of Poland, Mariacarla Boscono from Italy and Daria Werbowy of Canada make up the seven models gracing the pages of "Cal" 2009. This year's calendar is set in Botswana, and after decades of showcasing brilliant photography and the female form, Pirelli has outdone itself once again.

Unveiled in Berlin, the 2009 Pirelli "Cal" is the final result of famed photographer Peter Beard's 10-day love affair with the African wild lands. Beard refers to the new calendar as "a living sculpture," and it's easy to see why. The primary motivation for the location of this particular shoot lies in the raw and untouched land reflected in the photography. While beautiful to the eye, Beard has a special appreciation for Africa, as he lived there for 30 years. Throughout the calendar, images, quotes and observations by Beard are displayed, reflecting his true sentiment for the land and the current circumstances threatening its purity. Global warming, overpopulation and other environmental issues are key topics. "My real concern," says Beard, "is the destruction of nature on a global scale. We've totally lost track of what evolution is based on, and how important diversity is in nature. This concept is the very foundation of survival".

In addition to raising global awareness, Pirelli is ensuring that the production of the 2009 "Cal" will not affect the earth negatively in any way. The calendar will be printed on natural, lead-free paper. The company will also be working with a LifeGate initiative to aid in the protection and creation of a forested area in Costa Rica that will be able to absorb the same amount of CO2 emissions generated by the production and printing of the calendar. During the shooting, special care was also taken to ensure the safety of wildlife and the environment.

Utilizing the wild Kalahari outback and the Okavango River delta as his backdrop photographer Peter Beard has pieced together a 2009 Pirelli Calendar that is both sexy and environmentally friendly. In keeping with the tradition of producing captivating images the Pirelli Cal is known for, the 2009 version embodies exactly what Beard him self believes: humans, like animals, must live in harmony with nature.

For LxM Courtney Driver
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