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Cesare Paciotti's Spring 2009 Line

Posted: Nov. 15th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion & Style: Luxury leather goods company, Cesare Paciotti, is a family affair, creating some of the most beautiful shoes ever made.

Started in 1948 by Giuseppe Paciotti as a men's shoe company, designer Cesare took over his father's vision in 1980, creating the label Cesare Paciotti with the help o his sister Paola. Maintaining the careful craftsmanship employed by their parents, Cesare and Paola have made Cesare Paciotti an international luxury brand favorite.

Elegance and quality continue to be at the forefront of the brand even as it is moved from a simple men's shoes line into women's shoes and accessories and even added another line, directed at a younger market, Paciotti4US, a collection of unisex leisure footwear and accompanying clothing line.

From its humble Italian beginnings, the company has expanded to have boutiques located around the world, on nearly every continent, in high fashion cities including New York, Los Angeles, Paris as well as Asia and the Middle East, with more stores opening in places like Brazil. Each boutique is uniquely designed keeping the Cesare Paciotti philosophy of sophistication in tact while simultaneously ensuring an avant-garde atmosphere.

The Women's Spring/Summer ad campaign for Cesare Paciotti features an array of beautiful models lounging in lingerie and wearing some of the best looks from the current collection. Featuring the highest of heels, each model sports a vivid triumph of footwear, sometimes accompanied by stunning handbag as well. The shoes have a rounded-square shaped toe and often have a platform that makes them seem wearable instead of just fun to look at.

The Men's Spring/Summer ad campaign for Cesare Paciotti focuses on casual business attired males, wearing pointed-toe shoes that look like they work just as well in the boardroom as they would on a casual weekend outing.

Along with shoes for both sexes, the Cesare Paciotti line also includes eyewear and belts, jewelry and handbags. The sunglasses fuse shapes with functional materials to make each pair of shades fun to wear and fashionable.

The jewelry collection is an array of luxurious metals and jewels crafted into an exciting array of objects, including the Cesare Paciotti insignia, a curved dagger. The collection also offers small leather goods as well as timepieces and other elegant odds and ends.

Paciotti4US is a luxury collection of casual wear, featuring flat sandals and tennis shoes designed for function as well as fashion. Standouts include double soled flats that can be easily packed and easily worn with any outfit, as well as metallic sneaker-style shoes and walkable, but still sexy sandals.

Cesare's unique vision and dedication to innovative, quality contemporary fashion has made him a favorite of celebrities from many different fields, include supermodel Gisele, singer Rihanna, and actresses like Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway and other internationally known faces and bodies.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Fashion Insider
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