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Designers to Watch for 2009

Posted: Jan. 20th, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Fashion Designers: As fashion changes seasonally, so do designers. To help you look out for the newest great luxury designer, Shopflick.com has put together a list of the "Top 9 Emerging Designers to watch for 2009."

Davida Hall, Editorial Director of Shopflick explains the sites choices: "We see thousands of designers and wanted to recognize those that we feel are poised to emerge in an incredibly competitive marketplace, due to their originality, creative vision and star quality; they represent the bright future of fashion."

Raquel Allegra - Begun as a collection of reclaimed t-shirts from the LA County Jail, Allegra has appeared on the backs of many celebrities, including Klum, Nicole Richie, Jessica Biel, Penelope Cruz, and the Olsen Twins.

Verameat - Verameat is the brainchild of Vera Balyura, head designer and owner of Verameat Jewelry. Vera was born in Europe and now resides in both New York and LA. Her wearable has graced the fingers of actresses like Tilda Swinton.

The Battalion - The Battalion is the eco-friendly creation of sisters Linda and Chrys Wong. The Battalion combines sustainable manufacturing, comfortable design for on-the-go women with runway style.

KidViskous - KidViskous is the creation of Los Angeles based jewelry designer Tiffany Lee. KidViskous is an ironic take on pop culture fashioned in jewelry.

Popomomo - Popomomo stands for post-postmodern movement, the inspiration for designer Lizz Wasserman'e designs.

Cri de Coeur - Founded by Gina Ferrarccio, the NYC label is a high-quality, vegan friendly, high fashion footwear line worn by Natalie Portman, Portia de Rossi and Kristen Bell.

Yotam Solomon - 21-year old Yotman Solomon is one of the youngest designers around and his form fitting, avant garde designs have made the LA-based designer an instant favorite.

Violet Valen - Growing up in LA, Violet Valen has long been a part of Hollywood, first known as "Designer Nanny." Using vintage fabrics and teddy bears, Violet creates wearable pieces for the playful side in every girl.

Justice Bodan - As a former art sculptor, David Greico's Justice Bodan line of leatherworks with specially crafted touches including, belts, bags, wallets and more are heavily influenced by the experience of world travel, finding fans in Gwyneth Paltrow and Hilary Swank.

Each designer on the list brings something special to a specific niche of design, from head to toe and are definitely people to look for as they make their way into the luxury market.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Luxury Fashion Insider
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