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Fashion Designer Profiles: Carri Vacik

Posted: Feb. 12th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fashion Bios: Carri is a London based Jewelery Designer and professional Gemmologist, trained in London's Hatton Garden.

She grew up in Cheshire, England and she is British of Anglo Indian/Irish origins. From a young age she became passionate about colored gemstones. Her family are from the former Southern Indian colonies and her first memories are of rich and vibrant colors.

During a career in Business Development for an international consulting company, she realized she had to fulfil her dream of working with precious stones. Therefore, she undertook studies in Gemmology.

Whilst based in Paris, not far from the Place Vendome, it became apparent to her, that the ultimate way to work with gemstones, having such an appreciation of their beauty, would be to create sublime, unique pieces of jewelery.

After achieving the prestigious Graduate Diploma in Gemmology from the British Gemmological Association, she undertook further training in design at London's renowned jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. To begin with, she fashioned a few pieces for private clients and then, she began to build her own brand.

"I want to create a desire, using rich and vibrant colors" - Carri Vacik

Her vision is to bring vivid, exotic, truly one-of-kind jewelery to the modern, sophisticated woman, who is a connoisseur with an understanding of jewellery, recognizes quality and desires distinction. A woman who loves to express her femininity and originality.

She source's all of the materials for her creations personally. She travels to locations around the world, to use her skills as a Gemmologist to select only stones of the highest standards in cut, proportion and finish. Whilst on her travels she discovered traditional artisans and goldsmiths, with whom she now collaborates closely, to produce her designs by hand, in no less than 18 carat gold.

As a trained gemmologist, precious stones are of primary importance. Carri aims expressly not to over-embellish her designs and she favors a heavy gold look for added drama and extra effect.

Her inspiration is highly eclectic, ranging from Ancient Egypt to Hollywood of the late 1950's. For the current collection she drew inspiration from the Eastern world and particularly India.

"My mothers family is from Goa. I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary hues and colors that characterize this enchanting and extraordinary land. I suppose it is my blood?

The style of this collection is bold, elegantly simple and sensuous at once, allowing the beauty of the top quality raw materials to shine through.
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