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One Designer Bag = 55 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Posted: Feb. 25th, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Fashion & Style: Since 1995, Matt & Nat have been creating "eco/vegan friendly designer bags," putting them at the forefront of the green designer movement.

Each season Matt & Nat take plastic bottles and transform them into a new material to create luxurious, fashionable designer bags, allowing their customers to be both chic and eco-friendly/responsible.

If you're wondering how many bottles it takes to make an eco-friendly bag, it differs, according to the size of the bag. A small wallet may take only 1 plastic bottle to create, but anywhere from 15-55 recycled plastic bottles may go into the material used to make a small to large handbag.

Although the bags look as though they are made of quality leather, they are actually created out of cleverly transformed plastic bottles that are made into different materials, including nylon and felt. Combining clever materials with the heavy hardware that is the focal point of today's "It" bags, Matt & Nat are continually keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.

None of the Matt & Nat bags use leather and plan to phase out the use of harmful PVC plastics. Instead the company will use PU. As part of their continued efforts to improve their products and maintain an eye on conscientious production, Matt & Nat products will be labeled "child labor free" and the designers visit all their factories 4 times a year to inspect conditions.

Matt & Nat understand that men and women will continue to buy bags, and seek to provide them with quality, beautiful bags that are also an eco-friendly option.

Bag collections for Matt & Nat include a variety of sizes and design options, including shoulder bags, clutches, weekend bags, computer bags as well as wallets and others.

Like many high-end luxury goods purveyors, each Matt & Nat bag has a name, as well as color options. The Everest from the current Spring 09 Japanese Paper collection is available in classic black as well as currently popular mustard, amongst other choices.

From their home base in Montreal, Matt & Nat not only feed the homeless four times a year, they also encourage their customers to engage in recycling by donating their old handbags to their favorite charities, Dress for Success and Project Chance Resident.

The designer bags come at prices comparable similar to other designer bags that aren't as environmentally friendly, ranging from $80 to $300 and can be found in high-end department stores including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales as well as in trendy boutiques that are celebrity favorites including Fred Segal and Holt Renfrew.

Although quality, good-looking vegan products can be hard to find, Matt& Nat have definitely maintained their place at the head of the back, thanks to their elegant, architectural designs and innovative use of vegan materials.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Luxury Fashion Insider
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