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Gucci's 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

Posted: Mar. 19th, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Fashion & Style: Skinny bottoms and big tops ruled the runway for Gucci's fall/winter collection.

The tight leather pants that have been seen on and off the runway for the past few seasons continued to make an appearance at Gucci, although they were sometimes passed over for up-to-there platform boots that simply disappeared under thigh-grazing tunics.

Gucci took a hard look this season, using a mainstay of black and charcoal intermingled with shades of red, fuchsia, turquoise, vivid blues, plums, purple as well as forest green.

Much of the collection focused on contrasting not only skinny pants with wide shoulders and flowing tops, but fabrics as well. Feathers, furs, velvet, leather, silk, patent leather as well as an array of shimmering sequins all made an appearance in the same outfit and sometimes even in the same item of clothing, as in a pair of patchworked leggings.

Metallics made an appearance in everything from tops to leggings and helped the overall hard fashion look. Accessories had metal studs and details, which helped complete outfits as accessories were not often present on the runway.

Slicked back and ironed flat hair combined with overdone eyes and bright red lips accentuated the models' 80's style stained cheekbones. Shoes were the higher than high platforms seen on red carpets and runways all over the world. To further the hard dark image, the runway was black and the models often wore oversized sunglasses.

The world may be a hard place, and Gucci's fall/winter collection certainly fits in.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Luxury Fashion Insider
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Leon Posted Mar 27, 2012
Hi. My name is Bianca and I ran across your iswebte. I am very interested in coming to your upcoming event and maybe being a part of any future ones. Thanks
tywonda davis Posted Feb 15, 2010
i want to no wear to buy the shades the models are wearing on the runway for 2009 fall show what are they called
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