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Alexander McQueen Teams Up With Puma

Posted: Mar. 24th, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Fashion & Style: The collaboration of Puma and Alexander McQueen has created a new wave of fashion-forward sportswear from some of the most recognized names in fashion.

The ManCat is a sleek new icon of the new Puma McQueen line, combining Puma's powerful wildcat symbol with the introduction of the man, Alexander McQueen, a British fashion designer with an eye on the unique. Created by fashion photographer Nick Knight, the ManCat is an entity unto itself. Carrying on the fusion of Puma and McQueen is the ManCat tooth visual logo, a hybrid of a canine fang and human tooth.

Alexander McQueen has made himself a force in the fashion world, combining classic British tailoring with French couture and Italian manufacturing. As a result, McQueen has been able to expand his range from the runway into fragrance, eyewear, menswear and most recently, denim.

The collaboration between McQueen and Puma is inspired by anatomy, with a focus on the dynamics of the human foot. The new line is a study of anatomy from toe to spine, ensuring comfort as well as style.

The Spring/Summer 09 collection carries on the study of anatomy to the ribcage and its components. Bright colors make the shoes in the collection a stunning sight from the carefully crafted goat leather upper to the unique bottom. Each shoe comes with a ManCat tooth.

One of the standouts from the collection is the Vulcanizo Cutout, which merges high fashion style with street practicality in a metallic or boldly colored high-top style sneaker with sandal-like cut-outs still has the sole of a sneaker.

The collaboration is all the fashion forwardness of McQueen with the easy street appeal of Puma.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Luxury Fashion Insider
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