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Louboutin's Marie Antoinette-Inspired Heels

Posted: Mar. 25th, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Fashion & Style: Christian Louboutin has become a household name, although only a select few are fortunate enough to own a pair of the luxurious red-soled footwear.

Inspired by showgirls, French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has created an empire based on his love of higher than high-heeled shoes. His red soles have been seen on the feet of celebrities from Angelina Jolie to Patti LaBelle.

In addition to his standard pumps, Christian Louboutin also works on special projects, including the highly anticipated Marie Antoinette line. With only 36 pairs made available in the United States, the Marie Antoinette-inspired shoes were sold exclusively in select Christian Louboutin boutiques. Christian Louboutin collaborated with Jean-Francois Lesage, an embroiderer on the $6,295 blue, pink or yellow heels. The elaborately decorated peep-toe shoes are feature delicate ribbons and embroidery and are unlike any other pair on earth. The shoes are accompanied by a customized shoebox and a book containing construction details of the elaborate heels.

Because of the favoritism designers have for Louboutin's shoes, Louboutin designed an extravaently high shoe covered with twirly flowers for Philip Lim. The Dillian shoes are available in the very high version shown on the runway and also with a more walkable heel.

Director David Lynch's Fetish exhibit wouldn't be complete without a pair of Louboutins. For the exhibit, Louboutin created a fetish-style designed for fashion, not function, with a 14cm curve.

Special collections aside, Louboutin shoes have become a must-have item for every well-heeled woman's shoe collection, from a red-soled classic pump to a summery espadrille from the new Spring/Summer collection.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Luxury Fashion Insider
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dilly diva Posted May 07, 2009
ur shoes are the best and most elegant shoes out there and i am so in love with them no doubt that anyone could pull off shoes like that.
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