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Hugo Boss Online Store Opening in 2010

Posted: Oct. 6th, 2009  |  By James Rothaar
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Fashion & Style: Hugo Boss, among the world's most recognized and tenured luxury brands is opening an online store in 2010. The upscale apparel retailer, with more than 6,100 points of sale in 110 countries, will soon be open year-round 24/7 for customers WWW, that is, whatever, whenever, or wherever!

The name most commonly associated with the finest apparel for both men and women is having a contest to celebrate the Web site's grand opening. Winners will receive a Hugo Boss wardrobe valued at $1,000. Those who register for the contest also will receive exclusive information firsthand in regard to upcoming events, collections, and special announcements.

The company renown for its apparel also produces perfumes and colognes. The Germany-headquartered firm has five distinct lines of clothing as well. The brand, which began as a purveyor of men's clothing for all occasions, has produced premium quality apparel for women since 1998. Clothing for children is also offered through the Boss Orange collection.

The Hugo Boss collections include Boss Black, Boss Orange, Boss Green, Boss Selection, and Hugo. Boss Black is the biggest collection and offers attire for business and social events requiring an appearance beyond casual. Boss Selection, which includes the Tailored Line, is a premium label of sartorial selections, while Boss Orange's collection consists of casual and sportswear options. Boss Green is on par with golf-related clothing, and Hugo is the avant-garde renderings, as seen on runways and in fashion magazines worldwide.

HB also has licensed its renowned nomenclature to Samsung Electronics to jointly produce a line of cell phones and electronic accessories. There also is a licensing agreement in place to produce a premium quality children's line of clothing.

Hugo Boss, which is owned by the Valentino Fashion Group and has approximately 10,000 employees worldwide, reported annual revenues in 2008 of more than $2 billion. The organization is heavily involved in both arts and sports sponsorships as well as raising monies for charitable causes, such as UNICEF and more.

For more information, visit HugoBoss.com.

For JustLuxe James Rothaar
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