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Duncan Quinn Men's Fashion: Sartorially Yours...

Posted: Nov. 24th, 2009  |  By James Rothaar
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Luxury Men’s Fashion: Duncan Quinn is a great source for haberdashery and bespoke clothing. DQ offers a varied line of high-end luxury items for men. The signature areas of expertise are in custom-made suits, shirts, ties, and handkerchiefs. Other premium-quality goodies include ready to wear shirts items and accessories, such as scarves, cufflinks, and casual wear for discerning gentlemen.

Bespoke suits are available in the finest of fabrics. Depending on the prerequisites, a suit can be delivered as quickly as two weeks or as long as eight weeks subsequent to the final fitting. Straight from the company’s website, sartorial excellence begins at $4,000 per suit and, depending upon circumstances and variables, could cost as much as $15,000.

From the $400-plus umbrellas to exclusive and chic motorcycle helmets, the selections across the board are premium quality. Custom-made dress shirts are available with a four-shirt minimum order. There are various ready-to-wear shirts, with French cuffs, made of 100 percent Italian-milled cotton. The cufflinks waiting to fill those slots complement the slim cut and long sleeve perfectly. The glass cufflinks are unique; and the top-drawer socks range from conservative to vibrant, while the handmade silk ties augment any shirt and jacket combo with gusto.

The motorcycle helmets, which are made by Rudy Pavillon, are an exclusive of Duncan Quinn’s shop. The durable yet chic head protectors range from solid colors to dots to stripes to geometrical mayhem. Any would make for a great topper to add with a DQ croquet shirt. The main difference, at least to this layman, between a polo shirt and a croquet shirt is that the crest or skullcap on the latter is centered below the buttons as opposed to being positioned to the side.

Duncan Quinn’s online shop has excellent selections for men seeking to make powerful fashion statements ubiquitously. For more information, visit DuncanQuinn.com.

For JustLuxe James Rothaar
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