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Knock out

Posted: Jun. 11th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Men's Fragrance: While many of us take the English language for granted and might even consider it simplistic, it is actually one of the most complex languages to master because of our affinity for double meanings. Take the word "sick" for example. Something can be "sick" as in gross or "sick" as in cool. The word "knockout" can mean a really good looking woman or a boxer who just got his clock cleaned. In the case of Everlast's men's fragrance, Evertlast Original 1910, their self-proclaimed "knockout" new scent, it doesn't refer to anything remotely feminine (unless you consider the women it will attract) or knocking someone out cold-the idea is to keep the other person awake; although this spicy, intensely masculine fragrance gives an undeniable one-two punch. Visit www.EverlastFragrances.com for stores.

For LxM Amy Covington
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