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Pal Zileri: Lines of Distinction

Posted: Oct. 9th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Men's Apparel: Italy's Pal Zileri offers contemporary and formal suits, jackets, shirts, knitwear and under-jacket accessories overcoats made from the finest materials and the highest level of craftsmanship are offered for men. The firm presents three separate lines within its collection to convey a wide variety of offerings. The Pal Zileri collection includes Pal Zileri, Satoriale, and Concept.

The Pal Zileri line consists of ready-to-wear clothes that are made from over 2,000 colors and patterns. The Sartoriale line offers quality approaching bespoke clothing. The firm itself refers to the Sartoriale as being on a "higher plane" than the PZ line. The distinction is not meant to call one line standard and the other better, as both are excellent in craftsmanship, fabric and looks. However, a tad more intricacies or details are put into the Sartoriale line. The Concept line is for the man who opts to wear Pal Zileri's sportswear and casual offerings too. Sixty percent of the fabrics used in all of the company's offerings are exclusively produced.

Made-to-order garments, or Abiito Privato, also are available. Measurements must be taken in-person at authorized sites by PZ representative. All made-to-order clothing does provide some leeway, as jackets can be altered up to four centimeters (1.57 inches); pants can be expanded five centimeters (1.97 inches); and the crotch area can be increased by two centimeters (0.78 inches).

A full line of complementing accessories is offered as well. Details on where and how to obtain Pal Zileri's products are available at the designer's website.

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Gary P. Jacobs Posted Jul 31, 2008
do you have a Pal Zileri mens suit, black with a yellow pinstripe in 44 regular?
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