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GameFit 101's Luxury Sports Suits

Posted: May. 11th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Men's Apparel:Finally, luxury leisure apparel that is comfortable and classy enough to make Hugh Hefner at least consider wearing something besides his trademark silk PJs has arrived! Teaching old "dawgs" new tricks is never easy, but GameFit's 101 Sports Suit definitely merits a try-on session. The fashion statement made by these luxury sports suits comes unquestionably from both sides of the mouth, being both leisure and elegant extraordinaire. Founder and CEO Kheil McIntyre reports that other notable wearers of his plush outfits, which come in silk or suede, include former president and Hillary's hubby Bill Clinton, film star and devout Lakers fan Denzel Washington and entrepreneur and adrenaline junkie Sir Richard Branson.

Notoriety is a great fodder for publicity, but the maverick company's real game plan is to lead the league in quality control. So, back in November 2004, the organization entered into an exclusive agreement with Outlast® to use its Smart Fabric TechnologyTin its GameFit 101 Series. This fabric was originally developed for NASA, so that its astronauts would be as comfortable as possible under the most extreme conditions. Premium-weight silk with thrice the strength of regular silk is used, and the suede, which is actually called Ultrasuede®, is extra resilient to avoid tearing and more resistant to stains and blemishes than normal suede. The silk luxury sports suit is priced at $795, while the suede model is $895.

GameFit recently sponsored the Legends of Basketball Golf Tournament during the NBA's All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas, raising funds for the Arc of Greater Houston and the Charles D. Smith Foundation. A donation also was made to the AARP to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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