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The Gentry Grooming Company Is a 'Lock' to Succeed

Posted: Oct. 5th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Men's Grooming Services: The Gentry Grooming Company is a gentlemen's grooming center with two locations in Manchester UK. Men can either purchase memberships or simply make an appointment at the upscale salon. Despite the luxury services offered to the men, the Gentry Grooming has a very chummy and casual atmosphere. It is a place where man can obtain grooming services, watch sports on flat-screen televisions while enjoying a beer and some idle chatter.

Services provided include a shave, a hair styling, a manicure, a head massage or a head-and-shoulders massage. Beauty treatments offered include skin-exfoliation and deep-cleansing facials. Both treatments are followed up with hot towels. Botox non-surgical facelifts and waxing and tinting of eyebrows also are provided. Memberships are like gift cards, where service packages are pre-paid at various lengths. Non-members are welcomed too.

Founder Ms. Adele Lock began The Gentry Grooming Company approximately two years ago. The first salon opened in Blackfriars, Manchester. Ms. Lock was a contestant on the BBC's The Apprentice. That experience inspired Ms. Lock to partner with her husband and brother-in-law and to start this business.

The Gentry Grooming Company has its own line of accessories and luxury grooming products for men named the IV Series. There are plans to get the IV Series placed with upscale retailers and to franchise the Gentry Grooming concept into luxury hotels and leisure clubs worldwide. The Manchester Evening News reported that Ms. Lock is about to launch a VIP grooming service at the five-star Radisson Edwardian in Manchester.

Is the Gentry Grooming Company a beauty salon for men, or a casual gathering site that offers grooming services to men? Regardless of its classification, it appears to be a prosperous business opportunity with strong wind beneath its wings.

For LxM James Rothaar
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