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GIVENCHY..."Very Irresistible"

Posted: Oct. 4th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Fashion & Beauty: I came across a campaign ad for Givenchy's new perfume, Very Irresistible for Women, and my first thought was: what makes it so very irresistible? The marketing is sensational; is it the simplicity of the bottle, the sleek modern design? Is it the packaging, so appealing, rich and transparent, proving itself a timeless and contemporary piece of art? Could it be more alluring to the masses because yet another celebrity personality is endorsing it? Or perhaps there is a secret "ingredient" that will forever remain a mystery?

Beyond the beautiful packaging, I needed to know what was inside the bottle and I wanted to explore the scent itself. A few facts I found: it's bursting with roses and is infused with star anise and verbena leaf, producing a sensually radiant and luminous scent. It is fresh enough for daywear, yet memorable enough for eveningwear and delivers a seductive and feminine touch. Very Irresistible perfume is definitely a fresh change from the traditional floral perfume.

So, I've come to my own conclusion: Very Irresistible is simply appealing because it's the whole package. It entices your senses, adding the right mix of sexual appeal. In a time where sexy is en vogue, it simply makes you feel like a woman and oh, so irresistible. The marketing is phenomenal, and uses Liv Tyler as the quintessential idea of youth, femininity and spontaneity. Very Irresistible is so enticing; you have to see for yourself why it's so irresistible.

Do a little research on your own. I dare you to try it, and see how it enhances your own irresistible level to max. It's very elegant, very fun, and Very Irresistible. You'll see.

For LxM Sherry Martin
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