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Haspel's Seersucker Suits Adds New Wrinkle to Men's Fashion

Posted: Aug. 3rd, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Men's Luxury Apparel: As long as men have to wear suits in hot, muggy summer weather, seersucker suits are going to be wardrobe mainstays of fashionable gentlemen. The link between steamy days and seersucker suits go back to New Orleans in 1909, when Joseph Haspel and his brothers began making the lightweight suits. Originally seersucker suits were regarded as poor-man's attire, because the fabric wrinkled quicker than the bulky oft worn wool suits of the day. However, once the heavily perspiring men discovered the breezy comfort offered by the airy suits made from the India-produced fabric, sirsaker, a new wrinkle in fashion was born. Seersuckers suits blossomed to full bloom in the Roaring 20s, leaving the traditional "woolies" abandoned and hibernating in cedar closets till fall.

Seersucker suits today are as cool as ever. The modern-day version is made from 100-perecnt, pure-combed cotton. Haspel offers a dozen versions in its seersucker-suits collection plus eight very colorful sports jackets too. Nearly a century from its inception, no fashion statement combines coolness, sophistication, and balmy confidence like a seersucker suit or sports jacket.

The Wall Street Journal touted Haspel's seersucker suits as being the "best overall" and the "best value" in an article that compared various sources of the venerable summer suit. The full article is available at Haspel's website. The clothier also offers alternate versions of lightweight suits along with other formidable fashion offerings. Haspel's merchandise is available online or through select retailers.

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